Who knows what this is, what you do with it … and can you do it?


What is this?
What do you do with this and can you do it?

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  1. Oh please. I regularly use one for my darning!

  2. plubby says:

    Used for darning sock heels to keep the rounded shape. And yes I can.

  3. Fran Deutsher says:

    Ahhh …. the darning mushroom … I have Nanna Anyon’s in my treasures! As part of this wonderful consumer, throw away society in which we all live, don’t we buy new socks? … In times past, I darned!

  4. That looks to me like a bobbin. You can wind wool around it and weave lovely a lovely tapestry. Its probably only edible to goats and termites.

    1. Good try Steven, while most probably enjoyed by termites you clearly weren’t taught by your grandmother how to darn socks. I did enjoy your response though.

  5. it looks familiar but i cant remember why!

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