1960’s Glamour

I was poking through some slides that my mother had left at my house after her last shift and decided to convert them to images as a gift.  I have always loved 1960’s fashion and fabrics and was delighted when I found these shots of her on a ‘country outing’.  The frocks were beautiful, although probably incredibly uncomfortable given they were always worn with a girdle, but take a look at the glasses … and the singlets.!!!

Mum is the one having most fun in the front.

Great shot of the beach front street at Surfers Paradise, a favorite holiday destination in the 60’s

Quivering with desire, I want all of them. Such a shame the shot didn’t include a Meter Maid!

A little more rummaging and look what else I came up with ……

Elegant and flattering! I love this style.

I had the incredible good fortune to acquire the ‘sewing room’ contents of a retired sewing passionista. This beautiful piece of cotton was in the back of the bottom of one of her drawers, it is a typical example of the fabric used in the 60’s. Notice the ‘oriental theme’.

Can’t get cotton like this anymore!

If you have a look at the detail the beauty is in the weave, I think it is called an irregular basket weave.  The design is a surface print and the ‘edge’ is an over print of Gold!

Check out the weave

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  1. Is that your mother in the foreground? That dress fabric!! Bet you wish you still had that – or do you?

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