Traditional Textiles – Philippines

Backstrap weaving is a common technique used by indigenous tribes. It was especially handy if the tribe was nomadic as it requires only a few wooden sticks, a place to sit and an  anchor.

The tribes of Northern Luzon in the Philippines used this technique for their clothes and ‘homewares’

I think this is afternoon relaxation, jobs done, pigs and kids fed.

This was one of a series or postcards I found in Baguio …. I’ll show you more later, they are divine.

Naturally dyed cotton using IKAT technique to create the pattern

I wonder if they ever got a sore back?

At the time I was traveling with Mike from Newfoundland who had made a bucket of money making cypress Christmas Wreaths, so he blew it on the road.  We used to walk between villages .. 18-20 km (just for fun) We spent hours haggling over this large Death Shroud that was woven in 3 panels.

Part of the Death Shroud
This was the view when we were walking between villages.

Years later I was working as an Artist in Residence for Arts Access at the Austin Hospital (sadly the murals we painted were white washed) and recommended Baguio as a holiday destination for one of the guys in admin … I had no idea it may not suit a family man with his teenage kids …. landslides, wild pigs and rogue freedom fighters were just part of another day in my travels.

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